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Icon Made by R-no71

Name: Jewel/JS/Jawal/Mitchie/Mitchiebutt
.:PC:. Jewel-shapeshifter 50x50 by KayeilE
Age: 20 Years

DOB: June 19th, 1995

Gender: Female

Gender Identity: Girl/She/Her

Sexuality: Bi-sexual; not leaning, straight down the middle

Relationship Status: Happily Taken by PKBlast1o1~

Current Location: Georgia, USA 8I [wants to leave]

Likes: Music, Character creation, All forms of art, food, RolePlays with close friends, long ass skype calls, making new friends, Cats, dogs, exotic animals, iguanas >w< Knowing someone out there is there for me

Dislikes: The weak and Hive minded, people who mess with anyone i even consider an acquaintance, never having enough time for anything, being taken for granted, shallow and conceited people, those who don't admit to their mistakes, pimples </3

Intro to the Artist:
My name's Mitchie, and I'm starting to detest my birthgiven name so please call me Mitchie unless given special permission *shot dead*xD
I've been on deviantART for almost 4 years and I've made some friends, lost some friends, but I'm honestly here to stay. I could say I'm aspiring to be something big but I'm not sure...
My current goals in life are simple. Doing what I love. I wish to go back to school and then try and get into an art college. I'm a beginner guitarist and song writer who learns quickly, and I do play on trying to make it in the world of music, primarily creating electronic sounding music. However, that doesn't mean less time for art, as a lot of musicians are also artist ^^; I'm pretty open to talk to you about anything and I'll usually try to reply to you within a day or two. I'm currently making efforts to move out of my house for a better life mentally. I'm currently in a same-sex relationship and would prefer to not be judged by that. I have many flaws, probably more than the average person, I'm no super model but I can say I have enough confidence to believe I'm not ugly. I GUESS 8D I also draw a mix of everything, so if You like sonic watch me, if you like cats, dogs and pokemon, watch me too~! I try to switch it up, never the same stuff. I try to post regularly so bare with me if I slow down, life may get in the way.
Thanks for reading a slice of my mind ^u^ hope you like what you see, feel free to chat~ :'D

:bulletpurple:All Main Accounts::bulletpurple:

:bulletpurple:All Secondary Accounts::bulletpurple:

.: Read the comments :. Stamp by Beti-KotI ALWAYS read my comments but by Eceres
Read Comments by LumiResources


Made by Denny-Art13

:bulletpurple:What Art Programs do you own and use?:bulletpink:
I Own, PaintToolSAI, PhotoshopCS6, Krita, 123D Design, a Sketchbook, some pencils. I Mostly use SAI for evrything, and go into PS for effects and other things. I am still learning how to use other programs.
My wishlist includes, Manga Studio, FL Studio for music and the upcomming SAI 2

:bulletpink:Do you have any groups?:bulletpurple:
I'm the founder of DarknessUprising, A sonic RolePlay group. But I do plan on creating another group by December. This will also be a RolePlay group based around another fandom.
I am an admin of these groups:
And fornerly and admin of Dawn-Of-Warriors
And a Senior member of The-Warriors-Guild:iconthe-warriors-guild: Which is my favorite group on dA.
:bulletpurple:What are some of the things you draw?:bulletpink:
Mostly Sonic and Feral Art on this account, but on Star-Doll I draw more original content there. I will start to be posting more fan art of my favorite video game characters very soon.
:bulletpink:Do you want to RolePlay?:bulletpurple:
Not really. There are a few things you need to know about me and RolePlays. I may take a while to respond, firstly. Second, unless you are in a RolePlay group run by me or that I happen to be in, I will most likely say no. I usually RP outside of groups with people I trust or who I've known for a long time. But even if that is the case, I may not always want to RP with you. But your best bet is to be in a RP group.
:bulletpink:How do you art?:bulletpurple:
I have a Waccom Bamboo Create tablet. I plan on getting a new one very soon. But till then it's either that or pencil and paper.
:bulletpurple:Can we be friends?:bulletpink:
When I first got to dA, the answer was yes. Now it's not XD I've been hurt by quite the handful of well respected people here on this site. Silently we cut ties, so you'll never know who I used to call 'best friend' or who hates me now. So know that when it comes to new people, I'm very open, but I generally study you before I can say we're friends. Don't be offended XDD I'm willing to interact with new people and see how it goes, so leave me a comment if you'd like to start up a friendship <3
:bulletpink:Why did you Block me?:bulletpurple:
Either I felt harassed, I felt you were being aggressive towards me, or I feel overly uncomfortable. I don't block for petty reasons, such as a small argument with just me and another. Though if you cause a disturbance that involves not just me, I might block you to end the arguments and fighting.
:bulletpurple:What Species is your main character?:bulletpink:
A lot of people ask me this and here's my answer. Jewel is a Shapeshifter. But that is her species, not her 'power' She has ESP or Telekinesis as a power. Her Shapeshifting is a natural ability, like your breathing and blinking. But it's the same as a reptile, namely a chameleon who can naturally blend into their surroundings. I'll have an original species ref up eventually, but until then, just know she is a "Starshiftian Shapeshifter" There'll be a scientific name soon *shot*
:bulletpink:What fandoms do you consider yourself to be apart of?:bulletpurple:
The Sonic Fandom for sure. Pokemon as well, and also The Warriors Fandom. I'm still a Ratchet and Clank noob, but I consider myself to be a fan.
:bulletpurple:How do I commission you?:bulletpink:
.:Jewel-Shapeshifter's Commission Catalog:. by Jewel-Shapeshifter
Comment here or send a note~ All commissions done by me alone or non-stamp commissions will be posted on GaLaCtIcDo0dLeR:icongalacticdo0dler: unless you order an Anthro commission. They will be posted on Star-Doll:iconstar-doll:
:bulletpink:Can we do an Art Trade?:bulletpurple:
I gennerally don't take art trades with anyone of a lower skill level than I, other than very VERY close and respected friends, and this is because I'd like for an equal peice in return. I don't mind doing an AT with someone who is of a higher skill than I, because it pushes me to match their skill level. I generally take about 5 trades at a time when they are open.
:bulletpurple:Can we do a Collab?:bulletpink:
I'm a tad mre flexuble, style wise, with collabs. However, I must trust you a great deal, and you'll have to be patient with me, as I'm very busy at times/ But generally, I prefer sketching and lining, but if you'd like to do that, it's all good vuv
:bulletpink:Do you take request?:bulletpurple:
Yes and no. If you come to my page or a journal and ask me for free art, I will decline you. However, if I announce that I'm taking requests or holding a request stream, then feel free to ask me!
:bulletpurple:I hate you!:bulletpink:
I love you too. :heart:
:bulletpink:Do you stream at all?:bulletpurple:
Yes. I stream on Picarto, and soon to use twitch for gaming, and even YouTube once I get myself situated. I also may use or Livestream if I feel like it. Generally, I stream at nighttime so that I'm not bothered by my family members.
:bulletpurple:Can I have your skype?:bulletpink:
Not unless I've known you a few months and we are clearly friends. If not, thennnn nope~
:bulletpink:Why didn't you watch me back?:bulletpurple:
Because, I don't watch someone just because they watch me. Do I like your creativity, art, writing, and you as a person? Yes? Then I will. If you watch me,simply for a watch back and then unwatch me, I'm going to have this image painted of you that says you're kind of a jerk, no matter how popular or famous you think you may be. That's not what a devWATCH is all about. It's about connecting with people. Willingly. Don't force it upon me. If you watch me, and I don't watch you, then please, try talking to me and maybe we can be friends. c:
:bulletpurple:Hi! I'd like to invite you to my so, and so group.:bulletpink:
As of now, unless I willingly try out or ask about being an admin for a group, then I will most likely decline. But if you want me to be a member, then I'll look into it, watch the group, and decide if I would like to join you.
:bulletpink:Can I note you?:bulletpurple:
Depends on what it is for.
If you are a close friend and want to vent/tell me something Private, then please, by all means (assuming you don't have a skype or twitter or something)
If it's to say hello? No. Please comment on my page.
If you want a commission? I prefer comments, but notes are okay I guess.
Art Trades? Same as above. Roleplays, I prefer comments, but if you are not comfortable we can do notes. I generally prefer comments for mostly everything though.
:bulletpurple:You owe me work!:bulletpink:
I owe everyone something, but if you believe I honestly forgot, or you're not on a list anywhere. I have a hectic life right about now, so I may forget. Though I've got an elephant's memory, I have many things besides deviantART on my mind right now.
:bulletpink:How long does it take to get art from you?:bulletpurple:
As an extension of the above answer, it can take me anywhere between a day to a few weeks, to nearly a few months. I've taken a year to do a commission. the shortest time people have waited,w as about 2 weeks since I was in college and on my own at the time. So when I am by myself I can get them done quickly. Art trades don't have as much of a priority, but request have lesser, so it all depends on my current life situation.
:bulletpurple:Anyway where can I talk to you more?:bulletpink:
Oh lots of places! Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, comments here, facebook, and if I know you well enough, skype! I love making new friends. But sometimes you may have to oester me for my attention, I honestly don't mind, nor do I get annoyed, I love everyone who even clicks my dA icon :heart: Don't be afraid~
:bulletpink:You're my favorite artist! I'd like to spend more time talking to you. Teach me, what's your secret?:bulletpurple:
Well, drop me a comment any time, I don't bite! And if you want to know my secret well, truth is I have none. No special techniques, nothing that really sets me apart from any old hard working artist. I just learned. I've been drawing seriously since 4th grade, and Sonic related art since 6th, and about 4 years ago was when I got into drawing dragons and cats (though the dragons aren't as apparent as the cats are lol). So I've been drawing for a very long time. And that's all it takes. Time and practice. Truth is I learned from streams and i learned from friends. The most influential artist to shape my current style and pretty much my artistic life was Rancidire:iconrancidire: He's been a huge influence and help (and one of the best friends a girl could ask for >u>) for years, and watching him stream is always such a help when I'm trying to do my own stuff. I've moved on from imitation, and trying to Copy, towards my own style, but there's always something to help you improve. I say look at the artists that influence you and instead of getting upset when you can't draw like them and quitting, I say use their art to learn. Even ask for tips if you're brave enough. Never hurts to ask. Use tumblr as your weapon to fight the art demons! And posting an improvement meme or two every once in a while would really help as well. Trust me. Another thing you can do is collaborate with people, and offer to do the most difficult part for you in the collab. Other than that, you just keep on practicing! Only time will tell.

Warriors RPs

[Senior member]


Pokemon RPs
Elite Four Xeph [Drk]*
Elite Four Jeweliana [Dgn]*
Elite Four Knight [Fire]*
Elite Four Havoca [Esp]*
Elite Four Skylar [Dgn]*

Leader Mitchie [Nrm]*
Leader Rebecka [Elc]*
Leader Beryl [Grs]*
Leader Aro [Elc]*
Leader Foressa [Grs]*
Leader Jagger [Bug]*
Leader Tristan [Stl]*

Ace Trainer Cadenza [Varries]*

Sonic RPs

Knight Starr
Rocket Sparks
Nightmare Void*
Porsha Steele-Sparks
Equinotrix Starr

[Member/not yet active]
Jewel Galexina*

GeneralVideoGameFranchise RP


Sonic Characters

Made by DJ-StaaR

Name: Princess Jeweliana Astroida Galexina II
Age: 24+ mobian Years (indeterminable)
Alias: Jewel, Jewely, The Shifter Tenticle hentai Monster Violet Shift, Topaz Crystals
Gender: Female
Species: Shapeshifter
Race: Starshiftian
Mate:Knight Starr
DOB: June 19th

Jewel's Theme
Music -Red- by RavesAngelMusic -Red- by RavesAngel

Made by Zodiac-Dragoness

Name: Knight Templar Starr
Age: 24 Mobian Years
Alias: Knight the Knight, Knight-Light, HeatWave, Thermabutt
Gender: Male
Species:hedgehog (Therma-being)
Race: Apotin?? (Apotos; Greek, Italian, Turkish)
Mate:Jewel Galexina
DOB: September 14th

Knight's Theme
Music -Red- by RavesAngelMusic -Red- by RavesAngel

More coming soon~

Feral Characters

More coming soon~

Other Fandom Characters

More coming soon~

.:Art Status:.

Made by DJ-StaaR

[F R I E N D S A N D A Q U A N T I C E S]

Made by WispyVee

" />

Delectable Donuts

:iconcacos26::iconpkblast1o1::iconrancidire::iconblazingstaro::iconzodiac-dragoness::iconamy-360::iconjiggykazooie::iconsad-soup::icondj-staar::iconkayeile::icon2dspaceprincess::iconincrediblecherry::icontimidcute::iconunwrittenfantasy::icondreamsofsadness: :iconblueberrythedog::icontonythunder::icondaikunz::iconjasonsketcher: :iconxalisha-light-azurex::iconxkreativeklaws::iconirain-y: :iconshiningstarofwinter::iconskyandshadow::iconbubbahpop::icongquin::iconr-no71::iconmochiko-chan-da-yo: :iconx-a-s-h-l-x-y-x::iconvalkyrie01325::iconcnwgraphis::iconteamsupersonic::iconregk4t::icon3trashking3::icontesla-that-hedgehog::iconx-themysticalrose-x: :iconaxe-cell: :iconthedaynish::iconloveeccentric::iconcomet-me-bro:

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Come and love me moar!

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Found out I owe $900 c: As if I wasn't working slow enough on commissions already </3 

4 deviants said… <<< I will do these, Anthro, Feral, Sonic, Human, idgaf
2 deviants said I know I need to speed it up, but time waits for no one and I'm just here like rip in peperonies mitchie


Stream Flat Colors!
.:StreamCommission:.Carly by Jewel-Shapeshifter
Anthro, Feral, Mobian + an original style if you would like.
You may request these at any time, but only until May 10th
Adoptable forest fairy deer
Pay here for the adoptable~!
Adoptable Dressy Mouse
pay here for the adoptable~!
Adoptable Goggle Cat Payment
pay here for the adoptable!
Commission for Zodiac-Dragoness
Pay here my precious :U


Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States

Current Funds

Bills suck man...

Only funds that are counted here will be from commissions and donations on this site.

Song Of the Week:
"Tear Down the Sky" by~ by Straight Line Stitch
Music -Red- by RavesAngelMusic -Red- by RavesAngel


Hearts [B/Light Pink] by RevPixyHearts [B/Light Pink] by RevPixy


Hearts [B/Black] by RevPixyHearts [B/Black] by RevPixy

20/Female/United States

United States

Hearts [B/Light Pink] by RevPixyHearts [B/Light Pink] by RevPixy

1,090+ Watchers
630+ Watching
1,230+ Deviations
78,100+ Pageviews

Hearts [B/Black] by RevPixyHearts [B/Black] by RevPixy

No favoritism! I just talk to these babes more frequently than anyone else <33

Commissions: Slow and Steady; Open
Art Trades: Slow and Steady; Closed
Messaging and Comments: Medium Paced; feel free to talk to me
Kiribians: After finishing the current, won't do till 100,000 PV

Hearts [B/Light Pink] by RevPixyHearts [B/Light Pink] by RevPixy

Gal@cticSh1ft is coming soon...

Hearts [B/Black] by RevPixyHearts [B/Black] by RevPixy

Electronic Music Stamp by xXCougarXxI luv Bass Stamp by I-am-DraycosEDM Stamp by Twilight-KiyokoElectro House Stamp by rustyrayz


Thanks you guys. For just being rad and fuckin' wonderful~ :heart:
Gone for a little while. Things at home are driving me insane. 

I'll most likely post art on Star-Doll while I'm not here. If you want to still see art instead of waiting around, I suggest watching there as well as here for potential updates. 
Do you guys even read status updates? XD I never see comments on ANYONE's xD 


Favorite Music

Favorite Solo Artists:
Celldweller/Klayton, Blue Sthali/Bret, Usher, Beyonce, Nicki Minaj, Wale, Hoodie Allen, Bruno Mars, KJ Sawka, Richy Nix

Favorite Groups and Bands:
Pendulum, Knife Party, Scandroid, Disturbed, Avenged Sevenfold, StarBomb, Sybreed, Juilen-K,Powerman 5000, Crush 40. Straight Line Stitch

Favorite Albums:
"End of an Empire" (Every freaking remix, faction and song jfc) By Celldweller
"Immersion" By Pendulum
"The Antisleep vol. 1" by Blue Sthali
"Immortalized" by Disturbed
"Critical Error" by The Algorithm
"B-Sides and other things I forgot" by Blue Sthali
"The Pulse of Awakining" by Sybreed
"4" by Beyonce
"Wish Upon a Blackstar" by Celldweller
"Nightmare" By Avenged Sevenfold
"People Keep Talking" by Hoodie Allen
"Looking 4 Myself" by Usher
"Celldweller"/10th Anniversary by Celldweller
"Indestructable" by Disturbed

Some [not all] of my favorite songs:
"Shutemdown" Celldweller
"The Tempest" Pendulum
"Centipede" Knife Party
"Crush" Pendulum
"Corner" Blue Sthali
"You're Mine" Disturbed
"Brand new Me" Alicia Keys
"Welcome to the End" Celldweller
"Eon" Celldweller
"Reverse" The Algorithm
"Datastream" Scandroid
"Doomsday Party" Sybreed
"Party" Beyonce
"Welcome to Heartbreak" Kanye West
"Diary" Wale
"Frozen" Celldweller
"Frozen (Celldweller vs Blue Sthali)" Celldweller & Blue Sthali
"So long Sentiment vs. Eon" Celldweller
"Witchcraft" Pendulum
"Blood Sugar" Pendulum
"Ready Aim Fire" Blue Sthali
"Down in Flames" Blue Sthali
"Care 4 you" Usher
"Who I Am" by Magna-Fi

Favorite Game Sounds [too many to list them all XD]:
"Chosen One" by Mona Lisa Overdrive (A2) from Shadow the Hedgehog
"Theme of Sheila" Spyro Year of the Dragon
"Theme of St. Byrd" Spyro Year of the Dragon
"Escape From the City" by Ted Poley & Tony Harnell from Sonic Adventure 2 Battle
Theme of Space from Crash Bandicoot 3
"His World (remix)" by Crush 40 from Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)
"Almost Dead" by Powerman 5000 from Shadow the Hedgehog
"Open your Heart" by Crush 40 From Sonic Adventure
"What I'm Made of" by Crush 40 from Sonic Heroes
"Seven Rings in Hand" by Steve Conte & Runblebee from Sonic and the Secret Rings
"Live Life" by Crush 40 from Sonic and the Black Knight

Favorite deviantARTists

:iconrhythmax: :iconpendulonium::iconpkblast1o1::iconsabera2::iconchibi-jen-hen::iconr-no71::iconmelky9714: :iconrancidire::iconchejanea: :iconnixhil: :iconbubbahpop::iconsad-soup::iconjb-pawstep: :iconfivey: :iconincrediblecherry::icongwenthecatify::iconastaaura::iconblazingstaro::iconauricicarus::iconamy-360::iconmangostaa::iconteamsupersonic: :iconproboom: :iconaidenunu::iconbunnyvirus::iconsmilesfps::icons-concept::iconpur3v4nity::iconshira-hedgie::icontsaoshin::iconnoodle-bunny:

Favorite Foods

Mint Ice cream, Steak, Shrimp and seafood, flavored rice, fries, Sweet BBQ Chips, Spicy anything, various sweets, chocolate [though it makes me sick c: ]twizzlers, skittles, nerds, any sweet candy QAQ

Favorite Drinks

Dr. Pepper, Anything with cherry, Root Beer, Citrus drinks, sparkling water, milk shakes c8

Favorite Video Game Franchises

Sonic The Hedgehog| Ratchet & Clank | Spyro The Dragon | Crash Bandicoot | Rayman | Pokemon | Super Smash Bros. | Sly Cooper

♥ T e a P a r t y ♥

Made by R-no71

Chibi Com - Jewel-Shapeshifter by NeonStryker


Together since:
C.P: Mitchie Chibi Pixel Doll by Libra-DragonessP.Com: Jazz Chibi Pixel Doll by Libra-Dragoness


<img src="

" />

Made by FarFromSerious


If the pairing is married, they'll be listed together with the shared lastname c:
:bulletred: = AU/Crackshipping
:bulletyellow: = Soon to be/working on it
:bulletpurple: = Unnoficial
*= different account


Thunder & Topaz Sky
Rocket x Larkena
Tricky x Nixie
Jarice x Krissandra :bulletyellow:
Drexel x Rose :bulletred:
Crackell x Viana
Thornfang x Locustspeck
Xepherstrike x Frostwind/*Xeph x Kalira
Sunshadow x Beesong
Nova x Topaz :bulletred:
*Jazz x Nytchee
*Rickky x Janequa :bulletyellow:


Storm x Tundra
Xavion x Morgan
Nightmare x Kutane
Streak x Qhuxiasein
Indigo x Jewel :bulletred:


Shalestripe x Adderstar
Knight x Lilith :bulletred:


Zeke x Avoltra


Romeo x Cadenza


Rushingwaters x Sootstep


Spiritcall x Thistleheart

Vix x June:bulletyellow:


-Favorite Sonic Characters-

Made by DindaNda

[S T A M P S]

Adderstar roll by ShiningstarofwinterAdderstar roll by ShiningstarofwinterAdderstar roll by ShiningstarofwinterAdderstar roll by ShiningstarofwinterAdderstar roll by Shiningstarofwinter

Sootstep Gift by TimidCuteSootstep Gift by TimidCuteSootstep Gift by TimidCuteSootstep Gift by TimidCuteSootstep Gift by TimidCute



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