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About Jewel-Shapeshifter

Icon Made by R-no71

Name: You can Call me Jewel, or Mitchie Dusk

Age: 20 Years

DOB: June 19th, 1995

Gender: Female

Relationship Status: In a reGAYsionship with PKBlast1o1

Current Location: Georgia USA~

Likes: Drawing, listening to music, Cake, cookies, candy, SUGAAAAR sleeping, cuddling, video games, Story writing, Roleplaying, Friends

Dislikes: COLLEGE WORK ;A; Manual labor,being talked down to, or put down, thinking about the past, thinking 90 years into the future

About me: So, I've been here since late December 2011, and I LOVE to draw Mobians. Just something about them. They're the reason I'm here in the first place. All the big names in Sonic OCs brought me here. Then I got here and discovered many new fandoms. Warriors, Video Game fandoms. I didn't even know Pokemon had a real fanbas aside from watching the show and playing the games till I got here. I'm not familiar with Famous Artist. You ask me who someone is, odds are, I probably don't know them XD But I plan on making my mark here :icondivaplz:
Personality wise...I talk alot ^^; I don't know how I'd describe myself, but others say that I'm nice, friendly and outgoing. But one things I'll say is that I'd like to be there for people when they need it most. And I love to meet new people. So don't hesitate to talk to me c:
My favorite type of Art style to create is traditional art, though I don't have as much of that anymore. I will occasionally post some traditional pieces for you guys to enjoy. Favorite type of deviant will obviously be one who is well rounded and can draw many different things at will and when asked, kind of like myself.
Currently, I'm working like... 2 jobs and trying to self teach myself how to create music and also how to animate. Because... I think I finally know what I wanna do with my future :heart:

Favorites/Likes: I love food gaiz. Spicy foods. Minty Ice Cream, cookies friggin sweets. I love my Ocs and the characters of my friends, Sonic or not. I love clothes and looking good, and don't mess with my art or my music.

Dislikes: Eggplants ._. Being too cold, snobs, people who hurt other because it feels good to them. Pessimist.

Contact me:
:bulletpurple:Notes: Only for Important subjects. Please don't note me to say hello. Use the Comments
:bulletpurple:Skype: Only for close friends or people who I trust enough to not ask for free things ;-;
:bulletpurple:Twitter @MitchieDusk

.: Read the comments :. Stamp by Beti-KotI ALWAYS read my comments but by Eceres
Read Comments by LumiResources
:heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

Made by KayeilE

COLLAB: M1TC13 by lifegiving
Made by lifegiving

Made by Zodiac-Dragoness :heart: :heart:

Mitchie Dusk chibi . :Standalone: . ::TTT:: by Satans-Hellhouse
Made by Satans-Hellhouse

Mitchie Sketch by LucinA12
Made by LucinA12

.:: ForeverTogether::.

Made by PKBlast1o1

:blackpurplefire: by NamelessBot:iconcacos26::iconblazingstaro::iconpkblast1o1::iconlancerwolf13::whitefire: by NamelessBot

These Four...Have been some of the most stable people in my life. The only things that haven't changed about me. These guys I feel like they'll be here for a while. In fact, I wouldn't have been still going if it wasn't for these guys...

Cacos26~ My best friend Since before dA, since 4th grade. I freaking love her...even when I moved away and we got separated, she was still there for me. When my dad was being a butt, even when my mother was sick...I always want this my hand ram by my side. Love you Lady~ Besties 5ever

BlazingStarO~ This lovely Lady had been by my side and agreeing with me since the day we meet. It's like I met myself XD Like my twin :heart: All the help you gave me in my last year living at home never went to waste. I always headed her advice and talked or texted to her when I was upset and in a tight spot. She's always there for me when I need her, and I hope to be there When she needs me too~ Love my Silver Tabby Cat~

PKBlast1o1~ My comic relief. My freaking Husband ;p
This girl is like... one of the best friends I could ever ask for. She jokes alot, but is serious when she needs to be and when I need her the most. We both suffered through hard times together, dealing with completely differect things, but we always made it a point to help each other when the other was down. I don't wanna loose this person, this girl is so nice and funny and loves to piss you off And honesty, she's the only one I want to call my bby girl ;v; I love her so much and I never thought that we'd be dating XDD You make me so happy... thanks for putting up with me and if I've ever made you upset over anything, I'm sorry a million times. I just want you to know that even if we stop dating I don't want to cuz we're supposed to get married so we can use that blaze it blanket Connor will make us on our bed >8D Know that I'll always remain by your side. You are THE best friend and I don't wanna ever loose you ;v; 8D Don't leave me gurl ;w; *clings to PK puppy* :heart::heart::heart::heart:

LancerWolf13~ smell like cat pee You don't know it, but you're probably one of the reasons I survived my last year of High School and last year of living at home. Without you and the above, I wouldn't have gotten this far in life. You are one of the greatest people I have ever met and I want you to know that I'll always be here when you need me, however often, because you were there for me. So Yeah... <33 Ur da best Lancypants

I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH! :iconfloatingheartplz:

:blackpurplefire: by NamelessBot:iconradiancie::whitefire: by NamelessBot

This chick right here though... She's amazing. I can't even~

Radiancie~ Since I started watching you, I've gotta say...DAYUM GURL! To be honest, if I had never watched you, all these lovely people, I would have never known about. I always thought of you as an inspiration to me, and that's saying alot because I have inspirations here XD The first person I watched that really dragged me into the sonic fandom. Then over time, I started to comment and we began to talk more. Then some butthead who should not be named added you into a call XD then I added you to my skype. From then I decided to try and talk to you ;w; I didn't know people could be so nice :'D And who knew you'd like me XD I'm glad I have a friend like you and I'm glad I can be there for you and I know you'll be there for me right? o3o Senpai loves you~:heart:

:blackpurplefire: by NamelessBot:iconzodiac-dragoness::iconalexpandajoker::whitefire: by NamelessBot

My sweet little sister and my wonderful son~ I love them both so much I wanna just dvhbshs

Zodiac-Dragoness~ Since I met you, you've been nothing but good to me<33 I've never met such a sweet and funny and loyal friend and you have a heart of gold and you're a wonderchild. Never met such a creative mind either... so much brightness... >w< If anyone messes with you, and says a thing bad about you, I will be there. You mean so much to me and I love you dearly. Don't ever leave my side gurl ;A;

AlexPandaJoker~ I know so many people take advantage of you, but not me. I'm really glad people used to add me into random Skype calls because I found a true friend. I never met someone who could take so much of other people's crap and stilll have time for making others feel better...thanks so much by the way ^^; I freaking love this guy. He's so wonderful, he's a great artist and animator and he's just the nicest guy you'll ever talk to. Thanks babu. :heart: mama loves you <33

:blackpurplefire: by NamelessBot:iconicey-night::iconmadness-has-returned::iconcasinmyass::whitefire: by NamelessBot

My little Homestuckers~ And so much more c: I love these girls to pieces :'D

Icey-Night~ One of the reasons I smile everyday. Steph you are freaking fabulous and beautiful in every single way, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. She's one of the first people who I could call a best friend here on this site and is there for me when I nees her, as a sholder to cry on or when I need to laugh. She reminds me to raise my Donger if I forget. eue
She'll be an amazing inspiration to many one day and is already a wonderful anthro sonic artist. I love this chick to bits and I will cut someone if they mess with her~

Madness-Has-Returned~ PaePae, through everything you stuck by me, and if it weren't for you I wouldn't have met a lot of people here. You introduced me to some of my best friends and I will not for get that. What am i saying, you're one of THE best friends I have. And you don't know it, but you are strong and beautiful and you stand up to what you believe in. It's admirable and simply heroic what you so sometimes, and I'm glad I have someone like you around to do what you feel is right. <3

Casinmyass~ Bby ur fab~ No matter what anyone says about you you're the greatest okay? I'm so happy I joined The-Warriors-Guild and even happier I joined SnowClan, because I met some of my best friends there, you being one of them. You're amazing and you've got Strider swag eue You funny as hell and I love talking to you. Let me tell you something, don't you ever change. Don't let anyone tell you what you can and cannot do. You know what's right and what's wrong. Dani you've got a lot to look forward to and don't let anyone hold you back :3

:blackpurplefire: by NamelessBot:iconsilverdawning::iconauricicarus::whitefire: by NamelessBot

This guy seems to always know when you're talking shit <3 And this dude knows how to make you laugh and feel better no matter what ;v;

SilverDawning~ I don't really know what to say about you. You're like.. just.. don't change please |D No matter how much you mature be the person that you are now, inside. No matter what life throws at you, you stay golden okay? <3 You may not think you're great, but I know you're outstanding. Please keep up being as wonderful as you are. Fly and be free~!!!! :j

AuricIcarus~ Vane bby, first off, I'm honored to be senpai ;w; I didn't think I meant so much to so many and you reassure me everytime we talk. You're super talented, and funny and such a wonderful friend and person. Plus ur hot 8D *shot* I feel like I can say anything and you'll listen and offer advice, and I feel as though when you're upset it's my job to make you feel better, because that's what friends do. And to top that off, one of the best friends I've got. Don't stop being you bby, you're amazing okay? :heart:

:blackpurplefire: by NamelessBot:iconsatans-hellhouse::iconkayeile::iconmadam-top-hat::whitefire: by NamelessBot

these three restore my hope and I couldn't live without my babies >w< I love them so much~

Satans-Hellhouse~ You are one of the people I believe in the most and I have very high hopes for you~~ You're going to be a star one day, and I won't ever let you give up. You're such a wonderful person and you have a bright spirit, that its young and beautiful. I don't want you to let anyone else tell you what you can and cannot do. Because you can do anything and everything you want, you talented little banana. I believe in you bby :heart:

KayeilE~ This chick is the sweetest thing you'll ever meet, she's like cocaine 8D
But bby, you're a star. You'll be famoose here o3o And you have a lovable personality and such a wonderful laugh XDDD You have a nice butt There isn't much more I can say that won't cause me to write an essay other than the fact that I love you and I'm glad that we met~ don't chu leave me ouo

madam-top-hat~ You've been here with me through all the drama, and all the bs that's gone on, on and off here. You're encouragement has always meant so much to me and you don't even know it. You don't ever let anyone tell you what to do and that's something I admire, and your unwillingness to partake in drama is admirable. You've stopped conflicts before they happened with your lovely salsa dances and I just wanted everyone to know that you're one of the many reasons today I'm still going. You're fabu bby, I love you~

:blackpurplefire: by NamelessBot:iconamy-360::iconjiggykazooie::whitefire: by NamelessBot




.:Main Characters:.

Sonic Characters

Made by DJ-StaaR

Name: Princess Jeweliana Astroida Galexina II
Age: 24+ mobian Years (indeterminable)
Alias: Jewel, Jewely, The Shifter Tenticle hentai Monster Violet Shift, Topaz Crystals
Gender: Female
Species: Shapeshifter
Race: Starshiftian
Mate:Knight Starr
DOB: June 19th

Jewel's Theme
Music -Red- by RavesAngelMusic -Red- by RavesAngel

Made by Zodiac-Dragoness

Name: Knight Templar Starr
Age: 24 Mobian Years
Alias: Knight the Knight, Knight-Light, HeatWave, Thermabutt
Gender: Male
Species:hedgehog (Therma-being)
Race: Apotin?? (Apotos; Greek, Italian, Turkish)
Mate:Jewel Galexina
DOB: September 14th

Knight's Theme
Music -Red- by RavesAngelMusic -Red- by RavesAngel

More coming soon~

.:Art Status:.

Made by TeamSuperSonic

Art Status

Open PComms by Enjoumou Open Comms by EnjoumouAsk Collabs by Enjoumou FO Gifts by Enjoumou FO Requests by Enjoumou Closed Trades by Enjoumou FO Roleplays by EnjoumouOpen Kiribans by Enjoumou

[Stars indicate what I'm currently working on/planning to do first]

Commission List

Please see :icongalacticdo0dler:GaLaCtIcDo0dLeR for full list and for pricing

Collab Commissions:

Stamp/Button Commissions:
:iconteamsupersonic: -Simple stamp

Bargain commish

Art Trade Status

:iconkayeile: Pink Bar-25%done by L3Moon-Studios [one done/my half done]
:iconxxneonpurplexx:Pink Bar-starting by L3Moon-Studios [their half done]
:iconpuncupine: Pink Bar-done by L3Moon-Studios [my half done]
:iconshadowychica: Pink Bar-starting by L3Moon-Studios
:iconssxion: Pink Bar-starting by L3Moon-Studios [their half done]
:iconferal-spirit:Pink Bar-starting by L3Moon-Studios [their half done]

Kiriban Status

:star::iconxmidnightwhispers: Pink Bar-starting by L3Moon-Studios
:iconinkantlers: Pink Bar-25%done by L3Moon-Studios
:iconcyvothehedgehog216: Pink Bar-starting by L3Moon-Studios

Collab Status

:iconstratuswind:[my half first] Pink Bar-starting by L3Moon-Studios

Gift Status

:iconcnwgraphis: Pink Bar-starting by L3Moon-Studios
:star::iconchejanea: Pink Bar-50%done by L3Moon-Studios
:iconsilverdawning::iconicey-night::iconpkblast1o1::iconauricicarus: :heart: Pink Bar-starting by L3Moon-Studios
:iconthetittyteam: Pink Bar-starting by L3Moon-Studios
:icondj-staar: Pink Bar-starting by L3Moon-Studios
:iconmadness-has-returned:Pink Bar-25%done by L3Moon-Studios
:iconmadam-top-hat: Pink Bar-25%done by L3Moon-Studios
:iconlancerwolf13::iconradiancie::iconjewel-shapeshifter: Pink Bar-starting by L3Moon-Studios
[More to be added soon~]

Raffle Status

:iconiznj: Pink Bar-starting by L3Moon-Studios

Contest Prize Status

"The Indian Summer of Neige" Contest, Hosted by :iconr-no71:
:iconeri-yo: Pink Bar-starting by L3Moon-Studios
:iconchibi-nuffie: Pink Bar-starting by L3Moon-Studios
:iconsmilesfps: Pink Bar-starting by L3Moon-Studios
Anyone Single: Streak
:iconzodiac-dragoness: Pink Bar-starting by L3Moon-Studios

Who owes me

:iconicey-night:(x3 Commissions; AT)
:iconblazingstaro:(x2 Commissions)
:iconpkblast1o1:(x2 commission)
:icondroptec: (AT)
:iconsiroddity: (1 commission)
:iconwaito-chan: (1 commission)
:iconextoplasma: (AT)
:iconcotton-candy-heaven:(couple commission)
:iconzarashii: one sketch

[More will be added as I make request]

::G::Lyra by Satans-Hellhouse

Made by Satans-Hellhouse

.:Baes, Babs and Bros:.

" />

Made by Sombaholic

The Baes

[I talk to these guys frequently/ have known them for a long time]
:iconpkblast1o1: :iconsilverdawning: :iconicey-night: :iconauricicarus: :iconmadness-has-returned: :iconcacos26: :iconblazingstaro: :iconsweetpurplesugar: :iconxalisha-light-azurex::iconneonstryker: :iconhylienzan: :iconalexpandajoker: :iconincrediblecherry: :iconzodiac-dragoness: :iconjiggykazooie::iconackeradical: :iconlancerwolf13::iconsatans-hellhouse::iconkayeile: :icon2dspaceprincess: :icontimidcute: :iconmadam-top-hat: :iconirain-y: :iconshiningstarofwinter: :iconcasinmyass: :iconamy-360::iconrazortoshiba: :icon3d-xecution: :iconpoolvosje: :icontonythunder: :icongothicdecay: :iconbubbahpop::icongquin::iconr-no71::iconmochikotiger: :iconchiikalicious: :iconcnwgraphis::iconomikuu::icondj-staar::iconblueberrythedog::iconmarxpup: :icondreamsofsadness::iconjasonsketcher: :icongrizzzly-bear::iconobsiddy::icontwisted-kitsune::iconrainfaii::iconfancy-sass98::icongoldenandsilver::iconstratuswind::icontheironprice: :iconincognito-torpedo::iconproject--xeta: :iconorangecheer::iconanarchy-bizzle::iconemeraldstarlight12: :iconbringlexiithehorizon: :icondingo-sniper: :iconxkreativeklaws::iconsoniathehedgehog365::iconblackdawngaming:

The Homies

[People who I appreciate and/or love dearly and wish I could talk to more than we already do]
:iconartheyna: :icondroptec: :iconztreng7h: :iconteamsupersonic::iconmangopocalypse: :iconfox-pop::iconzombi-zilla26::iconcute-hedgehog::icontabersnack: :iconraysohn: :icongkvalhalla: :iconirmath::iconxcelestial-tearsx::iconshawnee045::iconiznj::iconzebratel: :iconchicherino: :iconlucina12::iconxx-und3ad-solid3r-xx: :iconskyandshadow: :iconvalkyrie01325: :iconfangthebat: :iconxshadows-of-the-icex: :iconlunarlay: :iconravenpuffwolf: :iconcodesketchy: :icondragona7x::iconneellydavo::icon0o-angelicgenesis-o0: :iconx-themysticalrose-x: :iconstrykeforce2005::iconshaymikuu::iconsharkinefarious::iconwickedzekrom::iconrobotnikholmes:


[Don't talk much but I still consider you a friend]
:iconpolterqeists: :iconpendulonium::icondevilish-sm1le::iconmx-robotnik: :iconsafyran: :iconmandy-kun: :iconnishisin::iconshady-pulse:::iconalliizoo: :iconaxe-cell: :iconchromx: :iconsayamiyazaki: :iconsaffuranlol: :iconcookie-sugar: :iconchobits13: :icontheroyaldonkey: :iconpatchyfallenstar: :iconautumnbluu::icongwenthecatify: :iconproboom: :iconshaythehedgehog97: :iconkirra-bluu::iconslymaster58:

Favorite Artists

[No inspirations here, just some of the best artists here in my opinion, some of which I speak to often~]
:iconrhythmax: :iconpendulonium::iconr-no71::iconmelky9714::iconpkblast1o1: :iconchejanea: :iconnixhil: :iconbubbahpop::iconmadam-top-hat::iconjb-pawstep: :iconfivey: :iconincrediblecherry::icongwenthecatify::iconastaaura::iconblazingstaro::iconauricicarus::iconamy-360::iconmangostaa::iconteamsupersonic: :iconproboom: :iconchiikalicious::iconbunnyvirus::iconackeradical::iconlancerwolf13::iconsmilesfps::icons-concept::iconpur3v4nity::iconshira-hedgie::icontsaoshin:

[Every hard working artist is my inspiration]


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What's good? :)
Wed Aug 5, 2015, 4:45 AM
Thu Jul 30, 2015, 4:15 PM
mitchie im itchy
Mon Jul 27, 2015, 10:50 AM
quack quack?
Thu Jul 23, 2015, 5:52 PM
I smell a Rob Swire somewhere eue
Wed Jul 22, 2015, 9:20 PM
Tue Jul 21, 2015, 11:41 PM
I hate you tho </3
Mon Jun 22, 2015, 1:28 PM
Sat Jun 20, 2015, 12:09 AM
i love you tho :heart:
Thu Jun 4, 2015, 7:01 PM
you are g3y af :heart:
Sat May 2, 2015, 2:50 PM
Haaaaaaaaai~! <33
Wed Apr 15, 2015, 8:59 PM
Thu Apr 9, 2015, 6:14 PM
LOL <3 XDD oh that movie
Fri Mar 27, 2015, 9:31 AM
OLO! Oops I mean Hello.
Thu Mar 26, 2015, 7:06 PM
ur more g3y
Tue Mar 10, 2015, 9:03 PM
ur gey
Fri Mar 6, 2015, 4:01 PM
Tue Feb 24, 2015, 10:05 AM
Mon Feb 23, 2015, 12:07 PM
You're welcome~ I Love your work :heart: c:
Thu Feb 12, 2015, 6:49 PM
aaaaAAA omg you??? ; A ; thank you for +Watching me dfjkd:heart:
Thu Feb 12, 2015, 11:24 AM

Tell me what to draw c: 

10 deviants said And I'll do it, I need to get out of this funk


Full scene Pixels
provide a full body reference of desired character.

Full scene painting
provide a full body reference of desired character.

Sketchy Selfies
Please provide a full body reference of desired character.
Smooth Selfie
Please provide a full body reference of desired character.
Please provide a full body reference of desired character.
Sonic Riders Style
Please provide a full body reference of desired character.
Please provide a full body reference of desired character.
Sonic Chanel Sketch
Please provide a full body reference of desired character.
Half Body Wallpaper
Please provide a full body reference of desired character.
Reference Sheets
[Example pending; Includes one soft shaded full body, Front+ Back reference, clothed, unclothed and color pallet]


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ID made by Zodiac-Dragoness

Song Of the Week:
"Goodbye" by~ Celldweller
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Mitchie Dusk

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ID Made by R-no71


~Guide of the Stars~

1.) What can I call you? What do you go by?
You can call me Jewel, Jewely, Jewelbutt, Mitchie, Mitchiebutt, Mitch or any other stupid name that doesn't offend me doesn't matter.

2.) Can I get some points? :3
Oh you want points? Hahahaha-NO. if I give you points then that means I think you're deserving of them. So don't ask me.

3) Do you Role-Play?
Yes. BUT. I have to know you for a while and I must feel comfortable with you. I don't do crappy RPs, I'd like to see punctuation and emotion, not one word every 5 hours. Sorry but that's just it. Also if I'm too busy I may not RP with you, I should think I'm allowed to deny you Role-Playing time with my Characters..cuz...they're mine.
If you are interested then :icondarknessuprising: is an RP group founded my me.

4.) Can I note you?
Okay, Note me if you wish, but please, please, PLEASE guys, make sure it's of relevance and importance. If you wanna say "Hi" that's fine, just don't send me a note for that, use the comments on my profile, that's what it's there for. If you need to speak with me in private about something important or personal, that's what the notes are for. I don't like spam. Also, make sure that there's a subject and that the note contains more than two words. wanna say Hai?? COMMENT ON MY PROFILE:stare:

5.)Can I draw your characters??
Feel free!!I love gifts! But if I catch a thief don't wanna know what I'll do.

6.)Can I have a gift?
After a while I decided that a gift will only be given to a friend, a close friend. If you ask me for a gift, I will simply ignore you. Nothing personal, but if a person I've never seen before who doesn't watch me or I don't watch them ask for a gift, you'll get a big fat NO. :3

7.) Do you take request?
Not anymore. :/

8.)Do you do commissions??
Yeup ! My prices are currently being revemped. Feel free to ask.
Also, If I don't get the payment within 3 days of me posting or asking about the payment...I will tear it down >:3
My commissions will be posted on :icongalacticdo0dler:

9.)What about Art trades?
Yes. But I am very selective over who I do trades with. If I feel we are on the same level, Artwise, then I will trade.The status is on my Status widget

10.) What about collabs?
What about them?? xD
Collabs are for people I trust greatly. If you think you can be reliable, then ask away.

11.) I don't like you. In fact, I hate you.
Well then, you can go eat a nice, hard-*hit by a bus*
Then that's too bad, I wish I could help you.

12.) Are we friends?
Do I talk to you, watch you, love you? Do you do the same? Then yes. If I feel harassed by you or or fed up with you then we are not.

13.) Can we be friends?
Sure! Just watch me, and talk to me a lot, I'll be lovin' you in no time! xD If you pester me then I will not consider you a friend, but simply a nuisance.

14.) Do you have adoptables?
AgentPurplePaws101 is an account shared between me and PKBlast1o1

15.) You wanna join my group?
If I don't support what the group is about, I'll politely decline your invite.
If I think your group has a clear message or fandom then I'll happily join.

16.) Can I join your groups?
I have 8 groups that I have founded, or have been asked to administrate at the moment. DarknessUprising is my main group and it is an RP group

17.) Why did you leave my group?:T
I have my reasons. Even if you're a close friend of mine and I leave, It's not personal, I just maybe wanted to start my own or something along those line.

18.) I blocked you.
Kay, Bye!

19.)Why am I still reading this?
You tell me good sir.

20.) Can you draw me an icon?
NO. -_________________-

21) How do I cancel a commission?
If you would like to cancel a commission, you must do it by note. No comments, just note.

Made by Lovely-Silence

♥ T e a P a r t y ♥

Made by R-no71

Chibi Com - Jewel-Shapeshifter by NeonStryker


Together since:
C.P: Mitchie Chibi Pixel Doll by Libra-DragonessP.Com: Jazz Chibi Pixel Doll by Libra-Dragoness

Dis be my bby. You don't touch my baby. I will find you if you fuck with my baby. She's my sunny day when the clouds cover the sky and the hottest chick in the world. And If I find out anything has happened to her, I will find you... and I will kill you xoxoxoxo
Even way before we were together, she was one of the most comforting and best friend anyone could ever ask for and I'm just so very grateful you tolerate me every day XD... even if you ever leave me, just don't ever leave me :heart:Jaaaaaaaaaaazzy~I love you so much >w<

Love Is Love: Kitty Edition by TimidCute
By TimidCute
PC-Jewel-Shapeshifter by Bleu-Angel::P.Com: Larkena x Rocket Chibis:: by Libra-DragonessJewelish Couple By Artheyna (DON'T FAVORITE 8I ) by Jewel-ShapeshifterLineless Commission For  Jewel Shapeshifter by Jewel-Shapeshifter:COMM: Jewel-Shapeshifter by iheartsonicBouncy-Chibi-172 by cuteygirl226C: Thundpaz~ by PKBlastBastic101Com: Local Couple (2/2) by GQuin::Gift:: Red Light of Love by Jewel-Shapeshifter::When Regions Collide:: by Jewel-ShapeshifterYou're the Wind Beneath My Wings by LoveEccentricsketchcm: Shopping by Pretty-ParoxysmThunderpaz by lifegivingA Forest Stroll +Commission+ by PatchyFallenstarHappy Anniversary Mitchie and PK! by AMY-360To One Year by PKBlast1o1.:Caught Under a Tree:. by Star-Doll:PC: Crackell and Viana by DindaNdaCM:Jewel-Shapeshifter by DJ-Sketches.:Rather Drown to Keep you Afloat:. by Star-Doll

.: Online girlfriend stamp :. by AluriGirlfriend Appreciation Stamp by RebiValeskaLove by LadyQuintessenceYou are my Lollipop by LadyQuintessence

Random Pairing quotes~

"I used to be in the middle... and now...I'M PINK!"~ Topaz to various

“I’m sorry, I’ve only noticed the fact I think you’re a bombshell.”~Rocket Sparks to Larkena Steele

"This is only the beginning my good hedgehog~"~Larkena Steele To Rocket Sparks

~Teams of teams of Teams~

<img src="

" />

Made by RedBlastie

Zee Amigos

:blackpurplefire: by NamelessBot:whitefire: by NamelessBot:blackpurplefire: by NamelessBot:whitefire: by NamelessBot:blackpurplefire: by NamelessBot:whitefire: by NamelessBot
:blackpurplefire: by NamelessBot:whitefire: by NamelessBot:blackpurplefire: by NamelessBot:whitefire: by NamelessBot:blackpurplefire: by NamelessBot:whitefire: by NamelessBot

Team Radiance

:blackpurplefire: by NamelessBot:whitefire: by NamelessBot:blackpurplefire: by NamelessBot:whitefire: by NamelessBot:blackpurplefire: by NamelessBot:whitefire: by NamelessBot
Three Bright and Beautiful females ready to dominate~
:iconxalisha-light-azurex: :iconjewel-shapeshifter: :iconomikuu:
:blackpurplefire: by NamelessBot:whitefire: by NamelessBot:blackpurplefire: by NamelessBot:whitefire: by NamelessBot:blackpurplefire: by NamelessBot:whitefire: by NamelessBot

Team Temptation

:blackpurplefire: by NamelessBot:whitefire: by NamelessBot:blackpurplefire: by NamelessBot:whitefire: by NamelessBot:blackpurplefire: by NamelessBot:whitefire: by NamelessBot
Three Flirtatious Males with a passion for women~
:iconpkblast1o1: :iconsatans-hellhouse::iconjewel-shapeshifter:
Team Tenptation by Jewel-Shapeshifter
Bouncy Chibi-153 by cuteygirl226
:P.Com: Team Temptation:: by Libra-Dragoness
:blackpurplefire: by NamelessBot:whitefire: by NamelessBot:blackpurplefire: by NamelessBot:whitefire: by NamelessBot:blackpurplefire: by NamelessBot:whitefire: by NamelessBot

Team ---

:blackpurplefire: by NamelessBot:whitefire: by NamelessBot:blackpurplefire: by NamelessBot:whitefire: by NamelessBot:blackpurplefire: by NamelessBot:whitefire: by NamelessBot
~Cocky rivails and an always hungry friend~
One uppers and One scoop by Jewel-Shapeshifter
Comm: Lance Electra Jewel Stamp by AnnaTH08
:blackpurplefire: by NamelessBot:whitefire: by NamelessBot:blackpurplefire: by NamelessBot:whitefire: by NamelessBot:blackpurplefire: by NamelessBot:whitefire: by NamelessBot

Team Momentum

:blackpurplefire: by NamelessBot:whitefire: by NamelessBot:blackpurplefire: by NamelessBot:whitefire: by NamelessBot:blackpurplefire: by NamelessBot:whitefire: by NamelessBot
Three ladies going at the speed of light >8D
:blackpurplefire: by NamelessBot:whitefire: by NamelessBot:blackpurplefire: by NamelessBot:whitefire: by NamelessBot:blackpurplefire: by NamelessBot:whitefire: by NamelessBot
Team Cutie Pies (Point commis) by AMY-360

Team Terra

:blackpurplefire: by NamelessBot:whitefire: by NamelessBot:blackpurplefire: by NamelessBot:whitefire: by NamelessBot:blackpurplefire: by NamelessBot:whitefire: by NamelessBot
Powers of earth's elements in their hands~
Team Terra (Point Commission) by AMY-360

Team Bloodsucker

:blackpurplefire: by NamelessBot:whitefire: by NamelessBot:blackpurplefire: by NamelessBot:whitefire: by NamelessBot:blackpurplefire: by NamelessBot:whitefire: by NamelessBot
Jeweliana and Indigo, sisters from another mister~
:iconzodiac-dragoness: :iconjewel-shapeshifter:
::CE:: Tonight we rule the world... by Libra-Dragoness
::P.Com: Team Bloodsucker:: by Libra-Dragoness
:blackpurplefire: by NamelessBot:whitefire: by NamelessBot:blackpurplefire: by NamelessBot:whitefire: by NamelessBot:blackpurplefire: by NamelessBot:whitefire: by NamelessBot

Team Inforno

:blackpurplefire: by NamelessBot:whitefire: by NamelessBot:blackpurplefire: by NamelessBot:whitefire: by NamelessBot:blackpurplefire: by NamelessBot:whitefire: by NamelessBot
Two best friends on a quest to find the one that wronged them both~
:iconjewel-shapeshifter: :iconcacos26:
Team Inferno~ by ProjectInferno
:blackpurplefire: by NamelessBot:whitefire: by NamelessBot:blackpurplefire: by NamelessBot:whitefire: by NamelessBot:blackpurplefire: by NamelessBot:whitefire: by NamelessBot

-Favorite Sonic Characters-

<img src="

" />

Made by Mangostaa

Shadow Stamp by CriWolfyShadow Stamp 2 by CriWolfyShadow the Hedgehog Stamp by NoNamepje
Shadow 2011 stamp by SA948-StampsShadow Stamp by PFV0-StampShadow Stamp by JetProwerTheFox
Shadow759 stamp by ARTic-WeatherShadow the Hedgehog by ByoWT1125Shadow's Power Boost Stamp by toni987
Shadow Stamp by RecklessKaiserShadow Love by xRubiMalonexShadow Stamp 2 by NoNamepje
Shadow the hedgehog Stamp by KevfinShadow Stamp by Abbu1STAMPSShadow the Hedgehog Stamp by Karmarsi-Kedamoki
Shadow the Hedgehog (Chronicles) Stamp by NatakiroShadow the Hedgehog (2006) Stamp by NatakiroSuper Shadow STamp by ColleenekatStamps
Shadow Mad Stamp by ColleenekatStampsShadow the Hedgehog stamp by HystericDesignsShadows Power Stamp by ColleenekatStamps
:thumb304451742:STAMP: Sir Lancelot by Zephyros-PhoenixShadow the Hedgehog Stamp by seashellby
Shadow Fan Stamp by the-Shadow-fansShadow fan stamp by penelopy-hedgehog

BBBE Stamp by LightningChaos2010Super Sonic Stamp by animeroxygirlClassic Sonic 2011 stamp by SA948-StampsSTAMP-Sonic 016 by NoNamepjeSTAMP-Sonic 001 by NoNamepjeSTAMP-Sonic 015 by NoNamepjeSTAMP-Sonic 002 by NoNamepjeSTAMP-Sonic 007 by NoNamepjeSTAMP-Sonic 006 by NoNamepjeSonic Love by CLGristwoodSonic is Awesome Stamp by SpeedyAlchemistModern Sonic 2011 stamp by SA948-StampsSonic love by xRubiMalonexSonic 2011 stamp by SA948-StampsSave The Chili Dogs! by Chronic-ShadowComission : lunais20percentcool (3) by toni987Sonic Stamp by CriWolfyLet's Ride by azianwolfdollSuper sonic love by xRubiMalonexWerehog love by xRubiMalonexAnother Sonic Generations Stamp~ by Super-Hedgehog

Espio Fan Stamp by Karmarsi-KedamokiEspio Fan Stamp by Riiareiespio stamp by PFV0-StampEspio love by xRubiMalonexEspio 2011 stamp by SA948-StampsEspio Fan Stamp by Karmarsi-KedamokiEspio fan stamp by penelopy-hedgehogespio the chamelion Stamp by catiexshadowSilent Ninja Stamp by KTWizardEspio Fan Stamp by Raspberry-BlissEspio stamp by HystericDesigns

Silver Stamp by MasterGalladeBoots Stamp - SILVER VERSION by MasterGalladeSuper Silver :stamp: by Sayuri-AmayaSilver the Hedgehog Stamp by NoNamepjeSilver the Hedgehog Stamp by Karmarsi-KedamokiSilver 2011 stamp by SA948-StampsSilver love by xRubiMalonexSilver Stamp 2 by NoNamepjeSilver Stamp by Abbu1STAMPSSilver Stamp by Miha85

Blaze Fan Stamp by Karmarsi-KedamokiBlaze 2011 stamp by SA948-StampsBlaze love by xRubiMalonexBlaze the Cat Stamp by MintyStitchBlaze Stamp by Abbu1STAMPSBurning Blaze :stamp: by Sayuri-AmayaBlaze needs a game stamp by ARTic-WeatherBlaze Stamp by Abbu1STAMPSSupport Blaze by YamiLover13

Rouge love by xRubiMalonexRouge 2011 stamp by SA948-StampsRouge Stamp by PFV0-StampRouge the Bat Stamp by catiexshadowProud Rouge Fan Stamp by I-Love-Tails21rouge fan stamp by penelopy-hedgehogRouge Stamp by Abbu1STAMPSRouge the Bat Stamp by Karmarsi-Kedamoki

Moar Stamps!

Favorite Fan and Original Characters!

Jewel Stamp By V-16 by Jewel-ShapeshifterCOM: Lance [Type1] by Peppermint-Kitten:Stamp: Electra Blu the hedgehog by Jewel-Shapeshifter
:PCM:Icelynn Stamp 2/4 by ShayTheHedgehog97COM: Autumn [Type1] by Peppermint-KittenCOM: Mirage [Type1] by Peppermint-Kitten
COM: Ember [Type1] by Peppermint-KittenComm: Jewel Stamp by AnnaTH08COM: Neige [Type1] by Peppermint-Kitten
COM: Roxxi [Type1] by Peppermint-Kitten:PCM:Angel Stamp 1/4 by ShayTheHedgehog97COM: Alisha [Type1] by Peppermint-Kitten
:PCM:Ana Stamp 1/8 by ShayTheHedgehog97COM: Jason [type1] by Peppermint-KittenCOM: Aurore [Type3] by Peppermint-Kitten
Attempt 1 (stamp) by Blue-DT:PCM:Eridan Stamp 4/4 by ShayTheHedgehog97Comm: Larkena Stamp by AnnaTH08
Jewel by DJ-StaaRComm: Juliet Stamp by AnnaTH08:PCM:Cleo Stamp 1/5 by ShayTheHedgehog97
Com: Stamp Romeo by AnnaTH08Jewel Stamp By Kayeile by Jewel-ShapeshifterBrownie Stamp by Blue-DT
:PCM:Inferno Stamp 3/8 by ShayTheHedgehog97Boring Electra Stamp :D by AckeradicalCOM: Rune [Type1] by Peppermint-Kitten
:Stamp: Jack the Dingo by Dingo-SniperRushingSoot stamp by ShiningstarofwinterPC:Icey-night by DJ-StaaR
Electra Stamp by Ackeradical:PCM:Seraphina Stamp 4/5 by ShayTheHedgehog97:PCM:Knight Stamp 3/5 by ShayTheHedgehog97
:PCM:Sassy Stamp 3/4 by ShayTheHedgehog97PC for BringLexiiTheHorizon 6 by i-kat2Shady Stamp unanimated. by Shady-Pulse
:Stamp: This sexy fighting chick by Jewel-ShapeshifterCom: Stamp Akashi by AnnaTH08Eiza Stamp by KayeilE
Amai Stamp by mochikoTiger:PCM:Sharic Stamp by ShayTheHedgehog97Comm: Julian Stamp by AnnaTH08
Jason by DJ-StaaR[PC] Neige stamp by ClassicAmyCOM: Wink [Type3] by Peppermint-Kitten
Comm: Persephone stamp by AnnaTH08Mirage Stamp by NocturneSiege1012Julian by DJ-StaaR
Neige Stamp by R-no71Comm: Larkena Stamp by AnnaTH08.:: Point Commission for Nightmarity ::. by XxNeonPurplexX
.:: Point Commission for Jewel-Shapeshifter ::. by XxNeonPurplexXJason-Stamp by DJ-StaaRCinderstone Stamp by Nightrizer
::Team StarFlame:: by AuricIcarusTyler by DJ-StaaR.: Stamps OC :. by Seppyo
Comm: Topaz Stamp by AnnaTH08Zi984-Stamp by DJ-StaaRRomeo-Stamp by DJ-StaaR
:PCM:Streak Stamp 2/8 by ShayTheHedgehog97Courage Stamp by NightrizerPC:Makronette by DJ-StaaR
COM: Storm [Type3] by Peppermint-Kitten:PCM:Deran Stamp 1/2 by ShayTheHedgehog97PendStamp by Pendulonium
Efil stamp by Blue-DTHope for Indigo Stamp by Libra-DragonessNEW Shay Stamp by ShayTheHedgehog97
Alisha STAMP by Blue-DTKayeil STAMP by Blue-DT:PCM:Jewel Stamp 2/5 by ShayTheHedgehog97
Stamp Sosol by Blue-DTRomeo STAMP by Blue-DTSteffany-Stamp by DJ-StaaR
Strike by DJ-StaaRAiden by DJ-StaaR
Lulu Stamp by NeonStrykerBlaze support stamp by BlazingStarO

Adderstar roll by ShiningstarofwinterAdderstar roll by ShiningstarofwinterAdderstar roll by ShiningstarofwinterAdderstar roll by ShiningstarofwinterAdderstar roll by Shiningstarofwinter


Pokemon - Grass-Starters by EllisStampcollectionAbsol Love Stamp by SquirtleStampsUmbreon Love Stamp by SquirtleStamps
Leafeon Love Stamp by SquirtleStampsGlaceon Love Stamp by SquirtleStampsLatias Love Stamp by SquirtleStamps
Grovyle Love Stamp by SquirtleStampsScyther Love Stamp by SquirtleStampsBulbasaur Love Stamp by SquirtleStamps
STAMP: Go, Turtwig, GO by GraphriteSTAMP: Raikou Fan by GraphriteSTAMP: Suicune Fan by Graphrite

Me, me and me!

It's pretty cool, actually... by Zodiac-DragonessDrawing in math class stamp by lizabeySleeping is my hobby stamp by DroneguardTrue Artist Stamp by chibibarrageVideo Games and drawing stamp by Miho-Nosaka-stamps. Drawing is living stamp . by TheArtaDigital Art Stamp by firechantStamp: My Reality by MishaSuDrawing is my passion :stamp: by KooboriSapphireI love drawing by muslmaSonic is still Gold by HatakeMirukonOnision Forum Stamp by blue98

♪Favorite Sounds♪

Pendulum Stamp by Keeji-dMusic Determines My Mood stamp by the-emo-detectiveCant Live Without Music by the-emo-detective
Music by mistymoongrlMusic helps me create OCs... by Riona-la-crevetteCrush 40 Stamp by MasterGallade
Michael Jackson Video Stamp 1 by dA--bogeymanDisturbed Stamp by Kezzi-RoseJulien-K Stamp by MajinPat
Pendulum Stamp by smileystampsSonic Music Stamp by Ana-MaeCelldweller Stamp by dazza1008
Powerman 5000 Stamp 2 by MisbegottenMisfitlinkin park 2 by otakulottieMusic Stamp by Taylorinchains
Intense Metal-fan Stamp by deadlyMETALL o v e HIPHOP by lynseylewRap is Music Stamp by GoldenBauble
Rock Music Stamp by Davidgtza2Music by NewtonianNocturnI Support Klayton Stamp by KaminariAkiyama
Trey Songz Stamp by Jewel-ShapeshifteruSHER STAMP by Jewel-ShapeshifterStamp: Blue Stahli 2 by Araktugage
Lost And Found Stamp by Jewel-ShapeshifterMagna-fi Stamp by Jewel-ShapeshifterKnife Party Stamp by Epiicalyx
Stamp: Pendulum by Araktugageklay + bret by squibliWish upon a Blackstar - Celldweller stamp by Ganjja
Luck stamp by dazza1008Stamp 17 (Own Little World) by Synthetic--Ecstasy+STAMP+ Bipolar Musical Taste by Shinimegami-Grimm
Klayton + chp4 by squibliPendulum Stamp by DelmoriiI luv Bass Stamp by I-am-Draycos
Avenged Sevenfold Stamp by angelslainAvenged Sevenfold stamp2 -red by dark-dragon-wingsLoud Music by angelslain

Games and Characters

Sonic Colors Stamp by DbzbabeSonic Generations Stamp by DbzbabeSonic Generations Loading Stamp by DbzbabeBlack And Blue by Chronic-ShadowSonic Riders by azianwolfdollSonic Riders ZG Stamp by Fuzon-S+Sonic Rush Stamp+ by Fuzon-S+Sonic Rush Adventure Stamp+ by Fuzon-SSonic Heroes Stamp by OmegeyRatchet and Clank Stamp by nakashimarikujak and daxter stamp by DaishokinSonic Riders Stamp by Fuzon-SSonic Next Gen Stamp by MasterGalladeSonic Unleashed Stamp by MasterGalladeSonic ATBK Stamp by MasterGallade:thumb186081919:Sly Cooper Stamp by MeckelFoxStudioIgnitus temple stamp by GlowingSpiritSpyro and Cynder Stamp by GlowingSpiritVideo Games and drawing stamp by Miho-Nosaka-stamps (DS) Sonic Colours Stamp by Super-Hedgehog Sonic Team/SEGA Stamp by Super-Hedgehog Sonic and Friends Stamp by sendokiSonic Chronicles Stamp XD by Xelo-TH

Sootstep Gift by TimidCuteSootstep Gift by TimidCuteSootstep Gift by TimidCuteSootstep Gift by TimidCuteSootstep Gift by TimidCute



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